Lot# 1 || Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru - An Autobiography Read More

Lot# 2 || Mahatma Gandhi

The Story of My Experiments With Truth: Mahatma Gandhi Read More

Lot# 3 || UNESCO

Right to Education Pamphlet Published by UNESCO in 1952 Read More

Lot# 4 || Nandalal Bose

Pamphlet On Ornamental Art - 1940 - Authored by Nandalal Bose Read More

Lot# 5 || Ju Peon

Ju Peon Exhibition catalogue 1940 Read More

Lot# 6 || Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy At Jehangir - Exhibition of Drawings & Paintings Read More

Lot# 7 || Archeological Dept., H.E.H. Nizam's Government

Guide to Ajanta Frescoes - Published in 1935 by H.E.H. The Nizam's Government Read More

Lot# 8 || Sudhir Khastgir

A signatured 1946 catalogue of Sudhir Khastgir paintings Read More

Lot# 9 || Academy of Fine Arts

Rabindranath Tagore Exhibition catalogue 1955 Read More

Lot# 10 || Benode Behari Mukherjee

Visva-Bharti catalogue - Art and Daily Life by Benode Behari Read More

Lot# 11 || Various

Foreign Comments on Paintings by Rabindranath Tagore circa 1930 Read More

Lot# 12 || Rabindranath Tagore

TO JAVA from the Pilgrim in India - Collection of Poems (1927) Read More

Lot# 13 || TS Eliot

Collected Poems (1909-1935) by TS Eliot Read More

Lot# 14 || Sarojini Naidu

The Sceptered Flute: Sarojini Naidu Read More

Lot# 15 || Ramananda Chatterjee

Golden Book of Tagore edited by Ramananda Chatterjee 1931 edition Read More

Lot# 16 || Gaganendranath Tagore

Realm of The Absurd: Limited First Edition of Gaganendranath Tagore's cartoons Read More

Lot# 17 || Balaichand Mukhopadhyay

Bonophul er Aro Golpo (Bengali) Read More

Lot# 18 || Jyotirmoy Roy

Dainondin (novel in Bengali) by Jyotirmoy Roy Read More

Lot# 19 || Balaichand Mukhopadhyay

Kichhukhon (novel in Bengali) by Bonophool Read More

Lot# 20 || Amiya Chakrabatri

Parapaar (collection of poems in Bengali) by Amiya Chakrabarti Read More

Lot# 21 || Sachindranath Adhikary

Rabindranath Manosher Utsa Sandhaney (Non-fiction in Bengali) by Sachindranath Adhikary Read More

Lot# 22 || Pramathanath Bisi

Akuntala (Collection of poems in Bengali) by Pramathanath Bisi Read More

Lot# 23 || Dhurjati Prasad Mukherjee

Antashila (novel in Bengali) by Dhurjati Prasad Mukherjee Read More

Lot# 24 || Lila Majumdar

Podipishir Burmi Baksho (novel in Bengali) by Lila Majumdar Read More

Lot# 25 || Premendra Mitra

Prathama (collection of poems in Bengali) by Premendra Mitra Read More

Lot# 26 || Premendra Mitra

Ferari Fauj (collection of poems in Bengali) by Premendra Mitra Read More

Lot# 27 || Tarashankar Bandopadyay

Rai Kamal (novel in Bengali) by Tarashankar Bandopadyay Read More

Lot# 28 || Lila Majumdar

Srimati (novel in Bengali) by Lila Majumdar Read More

Lot# 29 || Subodh Bose

Swarga (novel in Bengali) by Subodh Bose Read More