Somnath Hore - Works on Paper 2022

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Somnath Hore- Works on paperA collection of Somnath Hore's prints and works on paper, being the most expressive objectification of the essence of wounded humanity. Hore's paintings, prints, and drawings reveal a torn and injured world depicting a kind of social realism. His body of work is an understanding of the human predicament that took shape from encountering the wars, the Japanese bombings, and the man-made famine he experienced in his early adulthood.

Hore's works encapsulate memories he carried from the 1940s when as a young artist-reporter, he sketched victims of the notorious wartime Bengal famine in 1943–44 that decimated and rendered homeless millions from rural Bengal. His body of work reveals the violence the artist witnessed in the 1970s—the political agitation of the Naxalite movement in Calcutta, the genocide across the borders with the birth of Bangladesh in 1971, and the horrors of the Vietnam War.


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