Art Deco elements for the contemporary home

The old school glamour of The Great Gatsby meets the 21st century home. The magic of the roaring '20s is very much in vogue today owing to the endless allure of Art Deco's luxurious and lavish style. Be it a wise old satinwood chest of drawers or a sturdy Rosewood cabinet that creaks with wisdom, each art deco element fits like a glove in the contemporary home.

Here is a guide on how to include Art Deco design elements into your home, one room at a time. 

The Reading Room

Sneak away into the Reading Room for a night of leisurely reading under the watchful gaze of the vintage Satinwood and Ebony Art Deco lamp. A lamp that has stood the test of time and borne witness to many stories from the bygone era. It carefully holds a milky glass globe that spreads soft light across your room. And as you read in uninterrupted solitude, this lamp promises to watch over you all through the night. 

The Treasure Room

A memory hoarder, are you? This is where you store your memories. The Treasure Room is home to a nostalgic Satinwood chest of drawers that has long stood the test of time. It is no secret that antique furniture and nostalgia have a long lost love affair. Tuck away your grandmother's handmade handkerchief, your dear diary, or a musty, old book in this Satinwood chest of drawers with ebony inlay. 

The Vanity Room

Now, this exuberant Art Deco Satinwood Mirror Frame feeds your vanity. Imagine sitting on a plush chair, and running a comb down your hair for the umpteenth time! You have lost track of time studying the elaborate patterns dancing along the mirror frame whilst stealing glances at yourself once in a while. This antique Art Deco Mirror Frame does make you feel like a movie star ready to walk the red carpet. 

The Foyer

The Foyer greets your visitors as soon as they step into your home. Leave it to the reliable Teakwood Sideboard to hold onto their belongings during their stay. Be it tinkling keychains, facemasks, or a wide-brimmed hat; this sturdy sideboard promises to safeguard them nevertheless. 

Now that you are well versed with the choreography of space in terms of Art Deco, do visit our Design Page and make an offer on the Art Deco furniture that catches your eye! 

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