Art Deco

Art Deco is an opulent and alluring visual arts design style that unfolded in the 1920s in France. It burgeoned internationally in the early 1940s. This style still has a boundless influence on everything from architecture to sculpture, interiors to jewelry, furniture to car design.

“Luxury is when it seems flawless, when you reach the right balance between all elements." - Jean-Louis Deniot 

Enter the world of The Great Gatsby, where eternal allure and old-school glamour join hands. Be it a pair of glossy white Art Deco lounge chairs crafted in fine teakwood or an exquisite satinwood mirror frame that promises to make you feel like a movie star. Our Art Deco collectibles are bound to transport you to a bygone era. Cutting edge patterns with brilliant light bouncing off exotic dark woods such as Mahogany spell panache.

"Art Deco was all about moving away from the past and paving a new way for the future, culturally and aesthetically, which meant keeping some decorative elements but also giving them a sleeker, cosmopolitan twist." [1]

Look at this sleek Art Deco Mahogany Wood Console with refined geometrical patterns lacquered in black matte. This minimalistic masterpiece bejewels your room with a modern aesthetic. 

Art Deco Mahogany Wood Console

These lavishly carved Art Deco Teakwood Bedside Tables make for a great pair in your room. This fine pair of teakwood bed cabinets with elaborate ebonized details dates back to the 1940s. The set's streamlined appearance adds an element of harmony to your space. Not just an extravagant showpiece, this cabinet set is also a treasure trove for your prized possessions. 

Art Deco Teakwood Bedside Tables, circa 1940

This vintage Satinwood Art Deco lamp carefully holds a petite glass shaped globe that spreads soft light all across the room. The wood's satiny luster and brilliant yellow color are bound to breathe life into any place. Read a book underneath the light of this Art Deco lamp or simply let it stand as an exuberant show stopper in your room. 

Satinwood Art Deco Lamp with shade

If you too are a memory hoarder, this early 20th century Rosewood Portuguese Half Cabinet is a sturdy treasure house that has long stood the test of time. Its lustrous red interior and a golden line between two doors of the cabinet spell royalty. An elaborate sundial carving on both the openings will make you want to stop and stare. This cabinet is more than just a storage cupboard. It is a reliable masterpiece. Tuck away your grandmother's handmade handkerchief safely in this cabinet, or a musty, old book; the scent of which reminds you of your childhood. This Rosewood Cabinet promises to hold them tight to its chest. 

Rosewood Portuguese Half Cabinet

Art Deco furniture spells glamour, luxury, and order in geometric patterns. Its design comprises popping bold colors, sharp edges, stylized forms, and ornamental details. Swanky library benches, dramatic side tables, and decorative mirror frames promise to be striking additions to your home. This style suggests a surreal elegance, a certain royalty that cannot be replicated.


[1] Hadley Mendelsohn. "The Fascinating History of Art Deco Design." House Beautiful. March 16, 2020.

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