Tribal Caucasian Kazak Carpet

Caucasian carpets are highly influenced by rural designs. These carpets are made of materials from specific tribal provinces, usually displaying bold geometric patterns with primary colors. These carpets are specific to regions like Daghestan, Shirvan, Gendje, Kazakh, and Quba.

Kazakh carpet weaving

Kazakh has a long connection with carpet weaving, people believe it has been going on since bronze age. In the 20th century, each Azeri family living there wove 4 to 5 carpets on average per year, and according to local tradition, brides had to weave carpets as dowry.  

These carpets were widely sold at the markets of Ganja, Barda, Baku and other cities.


Ganja – Gazakh school

Kazakh carpets belonged to Ganja – Gazakh school.  These school carpets have a geometric ornamental pattern, the composition is not too complicated, the emphasis is on the schematic representation of geometric patterns, plants, and animals. They include about 16 compositions with different patterns.




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