Flowers & Perspective - K H Ara

Born in 1914 K. H. Ara, a founder member of the Progressive Artists’ Group, evolved his trademark style, through nudes and still-life paintings. At first, he preferred to make still lifes for commission due to his financial status. He was a modernist for whom the form and language of art preceded all other social and political motivations. This evolved a certain eclecticism which led him in an exploration of his own style unlike other members of PAG.

Ara, Flowers

Lot #16:-

UNTITLED (Flower Vase)
Signed lower left
Oil on canvas
31 x 40 in.
Provenance: Private Mumbai Collection

Starting Bid: INR 20,00,000

Estimate: INR 25,00,000 - 30,00,000

The background and the middle ground blur to bring the background landscape forward as can also be seen in the comparable artwork. Although the Sun at the back is an indicator of perspective, Ara leaves the viewer wondering whether the work is a landscape or a still life. His work typically has bold yet controlled colors and often have still life as the primary subject matter. He uses white pigment and the canvas to show the play of light along creating a depth effect.


Ara, Still Life against Landscape

Still life against a landscape
32 1/2 x 41 3/4 in
Signed lower left
Sold: INR 34,50,000
Mar 2018

Prinseps' Modern Art and Contemporary Sale

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