Highlighting Marie-Louise Chassany

Most write-ups on Amrita Sher-Gil have a note on the purported relationship between her and Marie-Louise Chassany.  

What I do find odd is that, while people love talking about the contents of her letters and highlighting her sexual preferences, I have never seen anyone identify the two portraits of Marie-Louise Chassagny at the NGMA.

"…I believe that it is impossible to fully transform one’s sexual desires into art, to idealize it and tranquil it through art for a whole life-time this is only a stupid superstition of the feeble brain. Marie Louise was such an abnormal type of woman, we never had anything sexual between us." - Amrita Sher-Gil

A Party at École des Beaux-Arts - Amrita far-right, Marie-Louise partly visible  

The first full length portrait of Marie-Louise by Amrita at the NGMA

And Another

A third and a very finely executed charcoal portrait also exists.

While there are many self-portraits of Amrita, there are also portraits of others like Victor Eagan (her husband)


but the presence of at least three portraits of Marie-Louise would indicate a close relationship, whether sexual in nature or not.  

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