Nandalal Bose - Haripura Posters

These posters by Nandalal Bose - made using tempera on handmade paper, were created around 1938 and were commissioned by Mahatma Gandhi. These belong to the permanent collection of the NGMA and were displayed at the India Pavilion in Venice Biennale. We do believe that this is the first time these have seen these for display outside the NGMA.

"Like other members of the Bengali Renaissance, Nandalal believed folk arts (defined loosely as the untutored expressions of ordinary people) to be a great reservoir of spiritual authenticity, and he was inspired by those traditions".(Rhythms of India - The Art of Nandalal Bose)

These paintings were meant to depict village life and were  displayed at the 1938 Indian National Congress convention at Haripura, Gujarat.



Dugdugiwal (Girl with a Tambourine)




Ear Cleaner


A Gardener




Flying Figure


A Lady Artist


Wool Spinning


Cotton Spinning


Cotton Carder




Dhaki (Drummer)



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