Rathin Maitra: A Founder Modernist

Rathin Maitra (b. 1913), along with Prodosh Das Gupta, established the Calcutta  Group, which gained widespread recognition in India for its influential contribution to modern Indian painting much before the Progressives

Rathin Maitra was the first in independent India to have been invited for an exhibition of his works at The Bombay Art Society, on 22nd September 1947; years before the first inaugural exhibition of the Progressive Artists' Group at the Bombay Art Society Salon in 1949. The show was opened by the Mayor of Bombay, Mr. A. P. Sabawalla, and it was functional from 23rd to 29th September 1947. 

Also in charge of founding the Modern Art Society and the Society of Artists in Calcutta, he blended his iconography and thoughts with the new simplification approach by using free-flowing lines and vibrant colours. 

Page from Bengal Painter's Testimony, 1944

The Labourer Couple, 1944

Rathin Maiitra, Untitled drawing on the Bengal Famine. Illustration in Krishen Chander, I Cannot Die: A Story of Bengal

Page from People's War, April 1945

Rathin Maitra, Multicolour Mural published in People's War, September 1945

Book covers by Rathin Maitra for poet Martin Kirman, the artist Subho Tagore, and poet Bishnu Dey:

Rathin Maitra, Refugee Influx, 1947

Page from the Free Press Bulletin (23rd September, 1947) with report on his one man show in Bombay, held by the Bombay Art Society

Untitled, c. 1955

Ink and brush drawings from the late 1960s:

Rathin Maitra, Untitled, 1983, Oil on Canvas

Rathin Maitra, The Attack, 1962, Oil on Canvas

Rathin Maitra, City Sentinel, 1955, Oil on Board

Rathin Maitra, Floods 1970, 1975, Oil on Board

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