Prabhakar Kolte : Abstract Painter

Prabhakar Kolte was born in 1946 in Nerur Par, Maharashtra. He completed his diploma from the Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai in 1968. He also taught there from 1972 to 1994.

Kolte’s works have often been described as abstract, rejecting the visible image in favour of of splashes of colour, brushstroke and the image that refuses the name of an actual image. 

Kolte has often been called the Indian Paul Klee. Similar to Klee, Kolte also has been seen to use the same technique of weathering his stronger colours and adding white pigment to age the work. He first used this technique with a single, dominant colour in the background with lighter coloured and geometric yet organic figures placed on it. He further added splashes of colour on top of his work claiming the need to cover up any identifiable image.

Prabhakar Kolte

Prabhakar Kolte


Acrlylic on canvas


72 in. x 96 in. 

His later works show a more refined approach where the presence of a strong colour remains as the focal point along with more fields of colour and reduced weathering in comparison to his earlier works. Kolte’s work reject the idea of a subject and he believes that abstraction can not be explained in simple terms. The colours juxtaposed together reflect an aesthetic vision that a single subject can not ever evoke.