A page from Gobardhan Ash's diary

I sit staring into the blank canvas. My mind is unfettered, reaching out to embrace the world.  All these shapes and scenes flit lucidly through my head, some familiar, others, I know not. Speaking of Modern Art, I must emphasise the fact that the art being created these days, cannot simply be labeled as Indian Art.

But then it raises the question, what comprises Indianness? 

The viewers, and even the artists themselves ━ how ‘Indian’ are they? I feel that if the artist is truly Indian in spirit, it will reflect in their work. We cannot live in denial of our times. The search for humanity continues even in this dystopian industrial, technology-ridden world. It’s a small world now, thanks to modern communication. We are all so very connected. This has somewhat set the appreciation of art to a global standard. Young artists these days are more likely to be inspired by the works of their Western counterparts. Hence, they gradually seem to fixate on technique above all else.

For me, the creative genius of the artist takes precedence.

For art to truly mean something, it is imperative that it must reflect the stark and vivid realities of life ━ and the crises of modern times. Life is a journey from sorrow to joy, from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth, and from mere mortal consciousness to the ascent to a higher plane.

This weary world thirsts for deliverance from the oppression, injustice, strife, and sheer violence of our times. It is time for yet another deluge, to wash away the stagnation and infamy. Art, literature, and music shall be the ark to cradle the future.

 - Gobardhan Ash

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